Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alien props and costumes...

I was fascinated to see the props and costumes on a set that has aliens and futuristic technology.

Sergeant Theo Petrakos of course needed a badge and gun. Those weren't too hard. Likewise the M4 rifles for the cops are simple decommissioned airsoft guns.

The female aliens though needed something militaristic and uncommon to wear, but somehow still sexy. The solution, believe it or not, came from Miley Cyrus in the form of those cute little leather vests.

In this picture they are standing in the shadows cast by the jail cell bars.

Then there are a variety of weapons. The laser pistols carried by the aliens started out life as Barretta airsoft pistols in order to use the grips and trigger areas.

Then about 2/3 of the outside was covered over in various bits to change the overall shape and outline to something no 'earth' pistol has.

Finally it was textured to show 'scratches' in the black surface as though heavily used.

The laser rifle started out as the shape of prototype developed for the US Army for the future, but was never adopted by the Army. This was then modified and textured to show wear.

Jorie also has to use her 'optic' headset to see things like force fields, and it also has a communication device with ear buds built in.

Don't ask where that device came from as it actually is a working model. If I told you what part of the future it was from they would have to... Opps.

Still photography by Kira Robles.


  1. Actually a lot of things envisioned by SF authors in decades past have now become part of our reality. ;-) Fiction can morph into fact. But overall I just wanted to mention how totally way cool it is to see my words take physical form. An author's dream come true. Thank you all. ~Linnea

  2. I was told that the flip phone design was a copy of the communicator device in the original Star Trek. Its a lot of fun to create new worlds!

  3. A lot of theoretical/quantum physics research can also trace it's origin to science fiction.