Thursday, February 16, 2012


Even though this movie has its share of shoot outs and special effects, at it's heart it's a story about a woman that commands a strike team, Jorie,

that's sent to protect the earth, but when her she is isolated and alone she turns to Florida Homicide Detective who's investigating the bodies, Theo,

But then has competition from another alien who's interested in Jorie, Kip.

All that is in front of the screen.

Behind the screen there are other dynamics going on. The director and cameraman have to work out the shots together, which can look kind of funny as they speak a language that sort of sounds like English but isn't understandable by ordinary people.

What the heck is a "key" that doesn't go in a lock, or a "fill" that doesn't go into any container? Why do lenses have so many numbers and settings? Fortunately they speak the same language.

Then the techno speak has to be translated into actor speak, another foreign tongue.

Then translated again for the script supervisor.

Then again for the crew as they wait for the next set up.

From the noises that are made, it almost sounds like the aliens have already landed.

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