Monday, February 27, 2012

Really, really on location...

We had an interesting time shooting on location in the woods. First, we had to get everything there. That means everything. Food, water, lights, camera, just everything.

It's a little spooky when you're out in the middle of nowhere and half the people with you are carrying automatic weapons (or good copies anyway), bullet proof vests, and some exotic weapons that don't exist. You hope no cops get the wrong idea.

Just the camera itself weighs 25lbs. Add to that a box of 9 metal and heavy glass lenses. The tripod is another 25lbs. And then the lights with stands. The lights don't weigh as much, but then a couple of big batteries are needed for each light. Add in an ice chest, food, etc.

Even if the actors were freezing out there until one in the morning, the images are excellent and worth the effort.

Still photography by Erik Fischer.

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