Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another face you may remember...

If you were a fan of the old Star Trek, the original show, you may remember the face of Derek Partridge who played Dionyd, the bad guy in the Plato's Stepchildren. That episode became internationally famous when Kirk and Ohura had the first interracial kiss on TV.

In the "Down Home Alien Blues" the ever dapper Derek plays Captain Pietr, the captain of the star ship that sends Jorie (Nathalie Biermanns) to earth.

Most recently Derek narrated the feature film "Leslie Howard - the man who gave a damn". For those too young to remember Leslie Howard was a big star most remembered for his role as Ashley Wilkes in "Gone with the Wind" who's plane was shot down by the German fighters in 1943.

Ironically Howard survived WWI after being shell shocked only to be killed in WWII as a non-combatant.

More ironically, Howard's group got on the KLM plane that was shot down by bumping a child off the plane, who happened to be Derek Partridge. The circles of karma surround us.

Derek was also one of the leading roles in the feature film "Dearly Departed" where he went from his usual good looking self (jealousy rears its head here, how do some people stay so good looking their entire lives) to a slightly less attractive version of himself. LOL

Derek also won a Tele Award for his work in "Single and Searching" also directed by Duke Marsh. You might also remember Derek from the Financial News Network, or his numerous narrations and voice over work.

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