Saturday, February 4, 2012

Making a new kind of movie...

I'm not usually a huge fan of science fiction movies. I like 'stories'. Stories about people, stories about relationships, stories about society. Tell me a story that makes me laugh or cry.

Recently I came across one that I love because it's different on several levels. Then, more importantly I had an opportunity to see how it's being made. (My boyfriend having a leading role helps in that regard.)

One of the great attractions, for me, is that the central theme to the movie is a love story. They have a real relationship, with snarky humor.

Fortunately my boyfriend isn't the one who kisses Nathalie Biermanns. Otherwise, the fact that she has beauty pageant good looks (Miss World Aruba) and can act might have me a bit worried. Actually, she's very nice though.

For the first day of shooting it was necessary to find a location that could pass for the imaginary city of Bahia Vista, Florida.

Linnea Sinclair, the award winning author who wrote the novel that the script is based on, has a national following among women who prefer some romance along with their science fiction, just like me. She just had a slightly different title. Photos by Hannah Gweun (not book cover.)

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