Monday, February 20, 2012

Heard of location, location, loc...? Erh, no.

The mantra from real estate is that the three most important things to real estate value are location, location, location.

The movie industry it a little different.

Actually a lot different.

You have the actors up there doing what they do best in front of what the art director and director want you to see.

The reality is something else because the camera shows you certain things but it also excludes certain things.

The front yard of one house that they present to you may be the front yard of another house. The living room may be to a completely different house or a different room.

Or, in this case, by using one wall with a different color, different colored drapes, moving the furniture, changing the light fixtures and putting a slip cover over the love seat, you have a the house where agent Wa-hain's body is found.

Which was shot 5 steps away from this location with the same love seat. Instead of blue drapes they're red and gold. Instead of red walls they're tan. Instead of a blue loveseat its brown leather, etc.

Still photography by Hannah Gwen.

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