Monday, February 6, 2012

Win the battle with the right producer and director...

Award winning director Duke Marsh on the set of The Down Home Alien Blues with producer Berenika Bailey (Jaguar, Conspiracy) of Magic Elevator Productions.

This is a joint production between Magic Elevator Productions and Green Sign Media.

Duke and Berenika had worked on a prior production and decided they liked each other's style.

They both had in the back of their minds that they ought to work on a big production together and when this opportunity came up they both approached each other at the same time to do it.

"This just seemed like the right project at the right time to do together" said Duke.

"The idea of this was to create sci-fi that emphasizes relationships and keeps the female side of the demographic.

Having a woman taking on production duties helps with that."

"Definitely I can see us working together again in the future" said Berenika.

Photos by Hannah Gweun.

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