Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The sound is music to my ears..

I never realized how important good sound is in a movie. Its funny because if the sound is good you just accept it as reality and don't notice it, but if the sound is bad it doesn't matter how good the pictures are the bad sound prevents you from accepting it as reality.

In this case the movie was shot with double redundancy of the pictures and triple redundancy of the sound.

Sound man, Steve "Doc" Bernard, is operating the boom pole with a shotgun mic and a high end portable sound recorder strapped to him.

Shotgun mics exclude sounds that aren't coming from your actors (when operated correctly.)

Then the each actor has a tiny wireless Sennheiser lavalier mic run through their clothes.

This means that there are usually at least 3 mics on the actors.

On top of that the sound is recorded in the camera at a fidelity higher than that of a music CD.

At the same time the sound is also recorded onto a third recorder on the rails behind the camera.
In this photo look at the box with four colored dots above the head of cameraman Bob Fox.

Photos by Hannah Gweun.

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