Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Space Ship interiors at CML Studios...

All of the interior of Jorie's space ship were shot at CML Studios in Glendale. It presented some unique challenges.

Its funny that everyone expects studios to be glamorous, but in reality making a movie or TV show is manufacturing. Most of the studios are big industrial buildings. Instead the glamor goes in front of the camera.

CML Studios has the nice brick front for the offices and green room, but around back its the usual (actually a bit nicer than usual) gated parking and industrial buildings for loading and unloading large amounts of gear.

One of the nicer things about using a studio is you get dressing rooms, offices, rehearsal rooms, multiple bathrooms and a green room.

Coco, the makeup artist, actually had the right height chairs, lights, counter tops and space to do her magic. Here she is with Nathalie and Aaron.

The studio has several "cyc" screens. It requires a kajillion (technical term, LOL) but the cyc screen is what helps create those images where there is no horizon and people seem to float in white because there is no corner on the floor.

The end result is that when the crew is beamed up with a disorienting "Emergency Transit" they seem to appear in nothingness.

But that isn't the end of the special effects by any means. There are aliens and holograms to create. For instance Jorie has to try to entice Theo to relocate with a hologram of "Paroo. The trees smell sweet." Wait until you see things move in the hologram. Click the image to see it bigger.

Still photography by Kira Robles. FX by Marshal Bradford.

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