Saturday, March 3, 2012

A good romance requires a sense of humor...

Maybe it says something about the human condition, but a sense of humor seems to be required for a romance to work. That also seems to be required for alien love. Fortunately this movie has plenty of humor. Another big plus for women that want something other than explosions and special effects.

One thing that movies like "Quigley Down Under" and "Brother From Another Planet" taught me was the power of social satire. The Down Home Alien Blues makes good use of that.

How strange would aliens find it that humans are voluntarily smoking plant material that gives off toxic wastes and drugs?

How 'alien' do we earthlings find it if a beautiful woman selects her clothing according to how comfortable it is to do battle?

It must be funny throughout the universe if a good looking man and woman stare intently at each other, and the man only hugs her to hide her guns.

Many times I've thought that Eric Satterberg must have the most fun part. He gets to make all the wry observations and wise guy comments. "He reminds me of Tom Hanks. The every day sort of guy that's sometimes goofy, sometimes helpful and often funny" said director, Duke Marsh.


  1. I had to do a lot of "sideways" thinking when I wrote the book--I had to step outside of what I knew and had known all my life and look at it totally fresh. Things like traffic lights and slang and routines we take for granted. How would someone who's entire world concept was DIFFERENT view these things?

    And yep, "Zeke" (Eric) has some of the best lines in the book. He's more than comic relief--he's often a wry social commentator. ;-)

  2. I will smile appropriately when I see him. :-)