Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movie stars go to glamorous locations... Not!

Sometimes the setting in the movie is glamorous and you get a little jealous of the movie stars who get a little romance when they go to those places. Ah, the magic of Hollywood...

The reality is often different than the image.

That water scene may be far from the water, or just have a little sliver of water behind them. "As important as what's in the image" said camera man Bob Fox "is the importance of what the camera view excludes."

And lets not forget crawling around in the weeds. The book and the script both called for our heroes to sneak their way down the fence line looking for Devastators.

And freezing your butt off in the middle of the woods at 1am. LOL


  1. Oops, sorry about that crawling around in the weeds stuff. It's so easy to write in the book. ;-) And as for freezing at 1AM...umm, no. Not in the book, which was set in Florida. See, you should have made Duke come to Florida to shoot the film. Much warmer weather. Plus I know ALL the good local bars here... ;->