Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Un-sung heros of the movie...

For every star of a movie that are dozens of other people on set that do so many things. Some are wonderful character actors. Here Barbara Anderson plays Mrs. Goldstein opposite Jay Mitsch.

The character actors have to work just as hard on their lines and blocking as any of the other actors, and often have a lot less 'clues' in the script upon which to base their characters.

Many of the actors have to play more than one part. Here Kamilah Holder and Julian Gerami do two voice overs together before each goes outside to do other parts in front of the camera. Each of them is capable of much bigger things, but actors have to take the parts available until they get bigger.

AJ was the gaffer during the shoot. For nearly every few takes the lights, wires, scrims, etc had to be moved, adjusted or altered. Its a tough job that goes on throughout the shoot. For some reason every picture is of the side of his face as he's watching what needs to be done next.

Lets not forget the bit part players that may not have lines but add production value to the movie. They wait and watch for most of the day for their one chance to shine.

Tristan Starr was one of the 1st AC (assistant camera men). He was sooo helpful to everyone. A great guy to have on set as there are a million things for an AC to do.

Another 1st AC, on different days, was Xereni. Also very helpful, but I haven't found a picture yet.

And lets not forget your friendly neighborhood script supervisor (and actress.)

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