Sunday, March 4, 2012

There's something sexy about a woman taking charge...

I was wondering what it is. Did you ever notice that aliens in movies are often wearing black leather? Is it just because a woman in black leather looks really, really sexy?

Is it because they look dangerous? Here, Berenika Bailey is playing Lt. Tamlynne Herryck and she looks fabulous.

And here is Nathalie Biermanns playing Commander Jorie Mikkalah. She looks strong, cool under pressure, in charge... and they both still manage to look really attractive, sexy and desirable.

I'm sure a professional makeup artist on location helps, but I wonder if these two would look sexy getting up in the morning with their hair messed up and smudges of left over make up. What am I saying, of course they would. Gad, we don't need more competition from aliens. LOL

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